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The aim of the ‘Love.Hope.Health’ Campaign is to reach out and help the under-privileged individuals suffering from these conditions to recover and to lead a healthier life, through Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy.

  • Chronic Pain: To help relieve their chronic pain, enabling them to lead a normal pain free life
  • Skin Allergy and Open Wounds: To help resolve their skin allergies and open wound conditions
  • Diseases: To rebuild their body systems to fight diseases and restore their organ functions


Pain Management Therapy

This therapy helps to ease joint and muscle pains caused by ligament or tendon strains, inflammation, slipped disc and arthritis.

It is suitable for:

  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • back pain
  • elbow pain
  • wrist pain
  • hip pain
  • knee pain
  • ankle or foot pain

Intensive Detox Treatment

Hi-Bliss Intensive Detox is a powerful and effective treatment to help rebuild the body system and restore the functions of our body organs.  It flushes out toxins, protects against cell damage, activates cellular healing and enables our body to regain its optimal condition.

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Positive results from patients suffering from:

  • Side effects from Radiotherapy
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver Failure
  • Diabetes

The benefits are as follows:

  • Accelerates Healing
  • Restores the Function of Organs
  • Reduces High Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Blood Sugar Level
  • Reduces Oxidative Stress
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Boosts Energy Level
  • Stimulates Blood Circulation
  • Promotes Detoxification
  • Enables Your Body To Fight Back Naturally

Skin & Wound Treatment

Helps relieve allergic skin conditions and accelerates recovery of open wounds.

It is suitable for:-

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Connect Dermatitis
  • Shingles
  • Mercury Poisoning
  • Open Wounds – Acute
  • Open Wounds – Chronic


Our beneficiaries are mainly under-privileged individuals who are in need of a solution to their pain and health problems and those who fall under the following categories:

–   Household or personal Income which is less than RM2,500 per month (or RM30,000.00 a year)
–   Unemployed due to illness or disabilities
–   Abandoned old aged individuals or any other person(s) as nominated and approved by The Foundation’s Committee

Meet our current Beneficiaries

Since July 2017, we have helped numerous patients to recover from their health problems and poor health conditions. These are some of the success stories from our beneficiaries.

Seow Wee Kiang

–  Hepatisis C / Liver Failure

Elisa Kong

–  Skin Problem (Eczema)

James Kong

–  Frozen Shoulder

Lee Siew Chai

–  Diabetes, Leg Disability Shoulder Pain

Seow Wee Kiang – Male, 59 years old
Problem: Hepatitis C and Liver failure

Comments: Wee Kiang was suffering from Hepatitis C / liver failure. He was told by his doctor that he would not have long to live as 2/3 of his liver had hardened and the remaining 1/3 of the liver was swollen and inflamed. After 3 months of undergoing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy, the doctor was surprised at his tremendous improvement. Excerpts from his medical report indicates the following:-

* No more inflammation & swelling of his liver
* Hardened parts of his liver shows signs of activity 
* Rapid heartbeat at rest dropped from 120 bpm to 90 bpm 
* Blood pressure dropped from 140 to 120/80 
* More energetic, better quality sleep, less easily irritated

Elisa Kong – Female, 22 years old
Problem: Skin Problem – Eczema
Comments: Elisa suffered from eczema for 6 years. While she was on medication, the eczema was confined to her legs, but without the medication, it spread to her hands and lower back.

After Hi-Bliss Therapy, her wounds dried up very fast as shown in the pictures below.

James Kong – Male, 51 years old
Problem: Frozen Shoulder
Comments: James has been suffering from frozen shoulder for about a year. He tried some physiotherapy exercises but his pain level remained at 8-9 (10=most severe pain; 1= least pain) and that stopped him from continuing the exercise.

When he was introduced to Hi-Bliss Pain Relief Treatment, he was surprised that after just 30 minutes of treatment, his pain level dropped from 8-9 to 2-3.

Lee Siew Chai – Male, 55 years old
Problem: Diabetes, Shoulder Pain and Disability on Left Leg
Comments: Wee Chai was suffering from 3 health-related problems (when he first approached us), mainly:-

  • Diabetes: Blood sugar level dropped from 7 to 4.6 mmol/L. His blood sugar level hit 10 mmol/L at one point and only after months of medication, the level dropped to 7 mmol/L. After undergoing 3 months of Hi-Bliss Detox & Wellness Treatment, his blood sugar level dropped from 7 to 4.6 mmol/L (healthy level is 4.0-6.0 mmol/L) without any medication. He is now off medication and his blood sugar level is completely under control.
  • Shoulder Pain: After a fall, he hurt his shoulder and suffered pain for a year. Throughout that year, he sought Traditional Chinese Physiotherapy Treatment but it failed to solve his problem. After just ONE 30-minute session of Hi-Bliss Pain Relief treatment, his shoulder pain was gone. Better still, the pain never came back.
  • Disability on Left Leg: Another issue which plagued him was a persistent pain on his left leg caused by an earlier accident. This pain was so severe that he had to use a wheelchair as whenever he tried to walk, the longest he could stand up was for 1 minute only. After his shoulder pain was healed following the Hi-Bliss treatment, he had no hesitation to try the same treatment for his leg pain. The result was tremendous — he can now stand for up to 10 minutes….a 10 times improvement over his previous condition.

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